The Fortunate Few

The Fortunate Few

The Fortunate Few DETAILS


The Fortunate Few Collection consists of 150 NFTs with equal ​rarity and staking utility. New ​NFTs will be raffled off, with ​revenue from each raffle being split between staking with ​Gelotto’s ​SATH(staking as the house) The Fortunate Few ​Treasury, and Team.

100% of Staking rewards from SATH will be split evenly ​among NFT holders. (NFT treasury wallet ​excluded)

The community will have governance over the treasury funds, which could be used for different ​trading/accumulation strategy's, NFT mints, Gelotto lotteries, or GKEY purchases


To create a close knit and exclusive club. To insure this we will post raffle earnings and ​revenue for the community on a weekly basis. We will post links to mintscan transactions and ​provide as much info for the staking snapshots/Fairdrops as possible. We want this to really ​feel like an exclusive community club where everyone has equal status and everyone has a ​say on what happens within the club.

How it works

Each Week new NFT's from The Fortunate Few Collection will be ​raffled off. Once a raffle is finished the NFT is sent to the winner. ​They are now a part of the exclusive Fortunate Few Staking ​club.

Revenue from Raffles is distributed in the following manner:

  • 65% to Gelotto’s SATH (Staking as the house)

  • 25% Fortunate Few Treasury (10% BTC / 10% INJ / 5% ​ATOM/stATOM)

  • 10% to team

100% of Staking Rewards from SATH will be distributed to NFT ​holders monthly.

All Rewards from LP’s will be swapped to OSMO and staked. ​50% will get compounded monthly. 50% of Rewards distributed ​to holders monthly.


There will be a 10% royalty fee when buying/selling this ​collection on the stargaze market place. This 10% will be put ​in the treasury to be used by the community via governance ​proposals.

NFT’s are Stackable. This means the more NFTS you own the ​more staking rewards you will receive. (This does not stack ​towards voting power)

All Fortunate few NFT’s held by the treasury wallet will not be ​eligible for any rewards.

A minimum of 10% revenue from future collection mints/mint ​raffles associated with The Fortunate Few or under the FFSC ​umbrella will be allocated to the FFSC Treasury.


Each NFT will be of equal rarity. What gives these NFTS their value is their ​staking utility. The treasury wallet will be used for what ever the ​community agrees on. The community is in charge and will be able to vote ​on what happens with the treasury funds.

Governance will work as follows:

Owning 1 or more NFT's = 1 VOTE

(Every NFT owner will have equal voting power no matter how many NFTS ​anyone holds)

  • Quorum: 40% of participating voting power
  • Pass threshold: 50% of participating voting power
  • Veto threshold: 33.40% of participating voting power


If the community votes to dissolve the project anytime in the future then ​every asset the FFSC holds will get split evenly between NFTS. So if you ​hold more you get more. In the case the treasury holds a future NFT the ​NFT will be sold and split the same way.