Every weekend there will be a live wheel spin and few lucky LOS holder will walk ​away with a prize (NFTS, crypto, possibly merch in the future).

Additionally, a recording of the spins will be posted in the FFSC Discord for those ​who may have missed the event.. The Wheel will be Numbered from 1-150, What ever LOS ​NFT number it lands on the owner of the corresponding NFT wins the prize.

There will be no need for entry every week or claiming if you win. Holding the NFT is ​your entry and the prize will be sent out promptly after draw to the winners.

All raffle GLTO revenue is being staked 50%/50% SATH/STARS and all rewards claimed ​from SATH will be given away VIA THE BIG WHEEL to NFT holders.

join the discord to watch the spins LIVE!

Get your LOS NFT here