Yield Utility Breakdown

Trait Lottery

- All HS NFT's are automatically included in the Monthly Trait Lottery which happens on the 1st of every month.

How it works

We will first randomly draw 1 trait category.

Then we will proceed to draw 1 trait in that category.

Which ever trait wins the corresponding NFTS will split the monthly STAKING REWARDS yielded from the treasury.


1. Trait category winner - Shoes

2. Winning Trait - Red shoes

3. Total NFTS with red shoes trait = 279

4. Monthly staking rewards / 279 = Yield

5. Rewards will be sent

OHHNFT soft staking and raffles

- You have the option to soft stake your NFTs on the OHH APP, earning SHARDZ which you can use to purchase raffle tickets for ​NFTs and crypto prizes.

How it works

1. Visit https://app.ohhnft.io/signin and use your wallet that holds your HS NFTS to login.

2. Look for "The fortunate Few" on the main page to stake your NFTS.

3. Go to the raffle page and search "The fortunate few" and choose which raffle you would like to enter. There are a bunch to ​choose from with more to be listed so keep a close eye on it!

4. Winners will be announced on X and discord.

Whale tiers

- The Whale tiers formed to show appreciation to our most loyal holders. Rewards vary depending on the amount of HS NFT's you ​hold.

How it works

On the 15th of every month there will be wheel spin prizes for each whale tier in a token gated channel in our

Whale tiers are ranked as followed

- Bronze Role - Hold 10+ HS NFTS

- Silver Role - Hold 25+ HS NFTS

- Gold Role - Hold 50 + HS NFTS

Prizes vary, with bronze having the smallest prizes and gold having the biggest. Roles stack so if you are in Gold tier you qualify ​for each whale tier wheel spin.

100+ Club

This is the elite of the elite. Our Biggest supporters. People holding 100+ HS NFTS get a guaranteed monthly bonus yield, on 1st of ​every month.

How it works

STARS Staking rewards from the 100+ Treasury will be split among the club equally.


I'll be donating any HS NFT I possess that exceeds 100 in my personal wallet.

Any rewards accumulated by these NFT's in the 100+ Club from the trait lotteries will also be split among the club.